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Truth and Transparency

March 9, 2019

10:32 PM

If we could learn to walk in transparency and truth, we could expand the territory of our hearts...

When you want what you want, your frame of thinking is very narrow. It’s all about what pleases you. And sooner or later you start to think within the confines of 2 walls. Or maybe even four. However, there should be no walls to limit us through life. And I believe that, when you learn how to walk in your truth, no matter what it is, unashamed of the things that have shaped you and created you into who you currently are; then you can change the world. Even some of the things that you currently still  deal with that MAYBE aren’t as comfortable as you would like them to be but they are still a part of your truth. Maybe there are things you are trying to change about yourself but you Just haven't quite gotten there yet. That is part of your truth! In this moment, right now that is a part of who you are. And if we learn how to be okay with who we are in each and every moment, life would be so much more rewarding for us.

 I think we should also be transparent.... As i think it goes hand in hand with your truth. You have to be transparent to accept What your truth is. And i feel like transparency aids in the world seeing who you are. Unashamed and accepting yourself as such. We have such a fear that the world will not accept who we are based on the things that we have told ourselves, the labels we have given ourselves or the labels that other people have given us. And so, we’re not transparent whatsoever. Because even if we are telling the “truth” its the truth the world will accept and not the whole truth, the Core You Truth. 

Our world is lived out of rose colored glasses sometimes even triple tint glasses. However once we learn how to take those blinders off of our own eyes and start to be transparent with just who we are and the situations that we go through; we have the ability to change the world. I believe once you soften yourself up to YOURSELF, you soften yourself up to the world. So the world then is able to see who you truly are and you are able to see who you truly are, and once you are gentle with you, the possibilities for you to be gentle with other people increases. We all need somebody to be gentle with us. We have to stop looking at it as people taking advantage of us. 

Because we have been gentle and because they didn’t understand how to Yet, we feel victimized. What advantage is being taken of someone who is here free of charge? Who has been cleared of all their sin debt? How can you be taken advantage of? So when we think of it in the perspective of “i see the me in you, I see that you are still learning, I see that you need something and I have it to give” and we continue to see the ME in everyone, the world becomes a softer, much different place than the world we currently know. So my one ask of you is to give it your best effort to be transparent with yourself, so that you are able to see who you truly are and who it is that you want to be. And start living in your truth. If someone “calls you out” on something that you do, have done, or said- don't get defensive. Be okay with that. Because guess what? We all have that thing that we have had to look square in the eye and say, “i don’t know how you became a part of me, but here you stand”. And guess what? We all have the opportunity to change that IF we want to. And we don't have to have the loom of wanting to be accepted hanging over our heads. Because we accept ourselves Just the way that we are. And that in turn helps us live in our truth; which then in turn increases our heart territory, which then in turn helps us love the world so much better...

 I declare peace over your life as you learn who you truly are, I declare surrender over your life as you accept who it is you really are, and I declare the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over your life, as you start to view His world with His eyes and His heart,  to make it a better place, Amen

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