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Lead Me...

July 22, 2018

10:21 PM

Today I have been challenged to think on a different perspective. Life not being so much about where I want to be as it is about, where I’m Supposed to be. In my vision of my life there is minimal struggle. Lots of laughing, plenty of good friends and positive vibes, Always. A nice place to live and a healthy Loving family.

I’m looking to move soon and was led to a place because the price was right and the pictures were nice... However in driving over, I saw it through different eyes. At first I was a bit taken. The area was really nice, but the pictures I had seen earlier did not look anything like the pictures my eyes were taking in that moment. I didn’t want to make any fast judgment. As I drove out of the complex and a short way down the road, there were townhomes that were beautiful. There was new construction going up for a shopping plaza. It didn’t feel wrong.

I was reminded as I walked into church the next day to “Flourish where you are planted.” I couldn’t help but to think about Life Positions. People hold many, some we have made for ourselves and others Assigned. There is a definition of progression that looks like an upward climb. And invisibly on that upward climb, we see “Things.” Better house, better car, better job. But what if progression looked quite different. That instead of an outward showing, there was an inward growing. That each trial we faced has a purpose for our inner growth. Not counting it as another defeat. But as an earned victory over something that tried to bring us down. Using the frustration we may begin to feel, as strength toward more productive thinking. Allowing ourselves to feel the emotions but not attach them to a “hurtful” experience. But to see the power only in that emotion and allow it to feed our inner Warrior, as another arrow added in our quiver. God strengthens us. Even with less than favorable experiences. He is feeding us so many opportunities to turn every situation around in our favor. And we miss so many of those. Trying to account for the hurt, someone caused us. When really God was just giving us MORE.

As scripture says,

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good”

Genesis 50:20

So no matter what your car, house or job looks like- inside you are progressing right on target. There is a specific job made for each person. It’s not very fair to say to someone who may work in a factory, that they cannot complain about the long hours and low pay they receive. That to fix that dilemma, they just need to “find a better job.” However that is what they are called to do in this moment. We don’t all always know how to live successfully in the moment. Possibly because we don’t understand what the moment is for. Or how it is ultimately part of our success. We have a tendency to look for the next best thing before the current thing has run its course. Not ever really taking the opportunity to see what the current moment is made up of, we are definitely missing out on a lot.

So placement. For me, where I go my kids go. So, I have to be certain that this is what God wants for US. The more I think on it, the more I realize He takes you were He needs you. How being in a community with many different people, different beliefs, and morals, but being a light, His light; That is progression no matter where you are placed. So it will take all my prayers because He wants them, and my small mustard seed faith, because He knows my heart. So I will flourish where I am planted, even if that is in a sea of adversity, even in new surroundings. Because I know He is working it all together for my Good.

Dear God, place me where I can be effective for the kingdom. Where my progression matches your timeline and not my own. Allow me to recognize the inward progression by the experiences I am faced with and cherish the lessons you are teaching me. Knowing I can choose to be weary, or I can stand on your promises of Loving and carrying me through it all. Grow my faith in You in immeasurable ways, so that I may be a vessel of Your word, In your Loving name I pray, Amen.

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