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My Sons...

July 22, 2018

3:47 PM

Sitting on my patio, watching the kids freely play. Making noise, running everywhere. Just the freedom that they are experiencing. They are all truly living like family amongst neighbors. They may not know who the other kids belong to, but they allow them to Freely Live.

It made me start to think of my son. And how I have watched him over the years try and attach himself to some male figure. Whether family or friend, some choices not the best. But sometimes it wasn’t his fault. He even attached himself to the good people and the good people unattached from him. I’m starting to think, that I have to be the best version of a man my son can see. Not saying I am trying to be more manly. However I have taken on a role as a parent that is hard to hold down by yourself. So you have to love them tenderly, but also make sure they know how to respect you.

I want my son to be everything he wants to be. However I want him to understand its hard work. But you have to keep pushing. You can’t always take the easy way out. You can’t always break the rules. You have to at some point decide that you are going to be different. And different is good. Actually its a Wonderful thing. There is true beauty in different perspectives, and just like, beauty, is beauty to you... and that’s valid. My view is just as valid... And that’s okay. So for him to understand that there will be people who do the opposite of you. Don’t stop being who you are to be like them, because we need you just the way you are. There is a place in this world just for you. You are the only Peace like you. And rejoice, You Are Important !

So it doesn’t matter who you can’t follow, It doesn’t matter who you can’t hang out with, YOU can always hang out with me ! LOL I’m pretty cool ! Seriously, people will be drawn to you just the way you are.

You are chosen by God ! How cool is that? To know that the Absolute Perfect Man, Jesus Christ, CHOSE YOU !! Just the way you are, and he sees you as perfect. So it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it or agree with it because HE Loves It ! You are hand selected to do a good work by being you. Loving like you know how to love, Forgiving how you know how to forgive, Accepting and Honoring God - you cant lose.

Proverbs 1:8 “Listen, my son, to your Father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.”

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