A Fathers Love...

June 29, 2018

11:51 AM

It doesn’t really matter where you are, or what you have going on. The unexpected will always happen...

I really must say, I am not comfortable with the fact that it always takes loss to get me to a place where things are put into perspective. I know exactly what I should be doing as far as my behavior is concerned. And as far as the things that I want to accomplish. But as a human being I am lazy. I use a lot of my borrowed time doing absolutely nothing. I have so many great ideas and so much creativity. However, I waste a lot of that on doing nothing... However the Harvest is Plenty...

So when I got the phone call this morning that my sister in law had passed, My heart ached for my brother and my nephew. To be thrown into something that you never saw coming. To have to process all of that in moments... to not have to have all the answers but seeking some. As my sister ran down the events, I felt helpless. I couldn’t just run over and comfort my brother. I couldn’t say anything to stop the questions from arising for him, I couldn’t even stop them for myself. It still seems unreal. To know life exists and then its gone. No letter left to say where it is going or why. To know we each have to answer that call one day. And to know there is absolutely no way to prepare our loved ones for it, no matter what we do and no matter how hard we try. However we should always want to make the most out of the time that we have here, and not just with the ones that matter most. Make your moments count with every interaction. We should never depend on tragedy to bring forth growth or birth new beginnings.

But that is usually how it works. I want to challenge you today to be intentional. To mean every event in your day. To make the most of each interaction.

I thought about the times where I have “checked” on my children, but not really Checked on them... Didn’t say “I Love you” at the end of a conversation, because it felt weird...

Dear Lord, Thank You for This Day, Thank You for Your Mercy and Your Grace ! God you have graciously given me another opportunity to make your light shine. I am Blessed. Lord I pray your peace and grace to every eye that reads these words. And that you place your spirit deep within them. That they may be called on to extend You to all they meet. Lord this can sometimes be the hardest thing to accomplish in this life... To just be present and to stay intentional. The world offers a multitude of distractions. You offer the world Promise and Recovery. God I Love how you move. Continue to move through every eye, continue to call us to harvest. And constantly remind us when the road gets tough, that the battle has been won and the end result offers the Greatest Glory, in Your Loving Name I Pray, Amen

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