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When the fog lifts...

June 27, 2018

8:30 AM

So this morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was listening to my bible. Yesterday I decided that since I love the book of John so much, I would listen to it. Not to mention, I feel like last year I kept getting signs to read it over again and I put it off.

I sat in the bathtub soaking away my sleepless night and at the same time wishing I could stay in that cloud of bubbles all day. I was listening to John recount the raising of Lazarus. Jesus said to Martha, “Your brother will rise again.” Martha replied, “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” And this is the good part, Jesus responded with, “ I am the Resurrection and the Life!” That resonated Loudly within me. How powerful, how Magnificent He is ! He IS the Resurrection, HIM !! I listened at how He fed thousands with small portions, how He healed, how He spoke life into people, how He forgave, and how He taught. John even shows Jesus crying. Being moved by His friends passing and the sadness of the people who had gathered to support.

In all the good He did and was doing there was one individual who was not fully sold on who He was. This is when I really started to pay attention. Because although I had read and heard this part of scripture so many times, I didn’t get it until now. I couldn’t apply it until now.

Jesus, at the last supper was aware who would betray him. He spoke to the disciples and was very transparent in calling out who would be the one. Jesus told him at the right moment, “What you are about to do, do quickly.” And Judas left...

I started to feel a shift in me once I heard that. I started to question myself, when was the last time I didn’t persecute a “Judas” in my life? So many times we can be faced with difficult situations, news, people. We have all heard that someone has said something about us or done something not so favorable that reflects on us. And more times than not we are immediately ready to get up in arms about how unfair that was and we have no problem stating our dissatisfaction. When was the last time you didn’t allow the actions or words of someone else to enrage your response.? Jesus could have called out all the bad things about Judas. He could have commissioned the disciples to “take care of him.” HE could have “taken care of him.” But he didn’t. Instead He told him to go and do what he was going to do, Quickly...

How about that? Do you ever stop and think in those moments, that what is happening is for your good? Do you ever think that the words or actions of someone else are building blocks to your ultimate success? To just let it all play out and see how you are blessed because you endured the betrayal. This spoke to me and I had to share what God was showing me. We will not always get it right. However to be able to plant a seed or provide some insight, showing a different approach is crucial in our everyday life.

I hear the term often, “ I’m just trying to survive...” Aren’t we all! And we all will survive what this life deals when we learn how to accept what comes, love our Judas’ the way Jesus did, And prepare for the way for others.

God, Thank you for your sacrifice, that has afforded me a life of Plenty. You word is a source for all things. As it guides me through things I never thought to look for. My eyes are always open to something More when I come to rest in you. There is a way of this world that is not your way. You understand the everyday fight to not take on the face of the world but to magnify you. Although I may not be met with worldly approval when I follow your lead, I will be doing Your Will for Your Glory and that is what is truly valuable. Amen

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