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I Will Honor YOU...

May 13, 2018

12:12 AM

God has a plan. And I have to Trust It, Live It, and Enjoy It. No matter what. I heard someone say the other day that they were drained and tired and they needed to Honor that... I was so moved by that statement. Because I don’t believe I have ever HONORED a space in my life other than a space that felt Good. To take a look at all things and respect them; For what they bring in or take away from my life.

There is respect there for God and the path He has me on. Knowing greater things are produced within me when I Honor where I am in the current moment. Life is fleeting. Truly it is and that may sound so cliché, but I don’t believe we are given moments to allow them to pass unnoticed or unappreciated. I can’t begin to think about how much time I’ve wasted not honoring moments. Being in such a rush for things to pass. To want to rush to heal for fear of the feeling it brings when life gets hard. I can admit that I Love to honor the moments of “blessing” because I want to stay there for extended periods of time. Not realizing outside of those moments that there is a blessing in all things.

I want to honor the spaces where I feel like I should have done more. Realizing I have done all I can and honoring the achievement of that. Honoring the place of sickness due to Loving long and hard to only find I was in the fight alone. And maybe not totally alone, but in a place where Love wasn’t fully capable of flourishing. Knowing that lessons reside in Love. So no matter if the Love was reciprocated or not, timed out or not, it’s an honor to give Love at any opportunity. And that the loss is indeed a gain in self discovery, teaching, and truth. Honor the place of confusion. When I can’t seem to make heads or tails... be bold enough to embrace that. Hold that. Trust that, and at that very moment, know I am right where I belong.

I struggle with feeling homeless sometimes. A cold place. No comforts. Homeless in the sense of removed from the world, but with no one on the other side with me. I need to honor that. To let God speak to me in that time and appreciate the time I have to reflect on the power found in that Homelessness. Everything is not a weakness. I believe in fact that IS strength, to be able to go into an unfamiliar place and feel every inch of that place and allow it to run its course within me. To allow it to teach me something while it is residing there. Challenging me to grow and expand, to be broken and to heal.

So I will trust it. By allowing it to be what it is in the moment. Allowing whatever comes to come and teach me on a deeper broader spectrum. Knowing it is a part of my story and necessary on this journey of life for me. Not thinking there was a way to avoid it. Knowing that there was no way to avoid it. No shortcut or alternative route. THIS was the only way.

I will live it. By honoring it. By going through life accepting . By seeing the worth in the development of me by way of whatever situation comes my way. Being honest and positive. Calm and forgiving. Inviting. Giving it its space to Change me.

I will enjoy it. Laugh through it. Cry through it. Praise through it. Envision the joy it will bring me on the other side of acceptance and change. Allow it to be my motivation, my push, my call to more... more life.

I will be honest and say, this will probably not be one of the easier things I will do. But I know it will be one of the Best and Most Freeing things I will ever do. It will grow me in exponential ways and I’m so ready to flourish into the woman God has called me to be. Step by step, day by day, honoring the space He is giving me at any and every moment as it may be the last I ever get.

Dear Lord, Thank you so much for this moment of revelation. Thank you for this ride of favor. And this call to action. I’m always amazed at how you work and how nothing is new to you. You have a solution for it all ! Lord, your continued call on my life is the greatest honor. I earnestly pray for endurance and perseverance, for focus and above all else constant communion with you, in your Loving name I pray, Amen.

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