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My personal story

By Purpose, For Purpose, On Purpose

My name is Cassidi and I like many others, am just trying to find my way.  A few years ago when life seemed to deliver one powerful blow after another and my days all began to run together, I decided to run to God. Of course at the time, it was what seemed to be my last ditch effort. I began to realize rather quickly, that it was my first stop on the road to Victory ! 

I am a mother to 4 of Gods most Beautifully crafted children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. These people God has blessed me with have been Truly Amazing to watch flourish. The life lessons being a mother teaches me, keeps me close to the cross for times of guidance, prayer, and rejoicing. And while tarrying there, I am drawn in for Healing and Love and Embrace that could only come from My Savior. 

Just a little background on my blog name. I make a lotion for my family that plays a key part in our lives. We are all drawn to it, why? Because we NEED it, without it we just do not know what to do ! Lol, we seek it out, Who has it? Whose room is it in? We put it on EVERYTHING. Dry skin, dry hair, rash...Its Essential. By the way thats the name of it as well :) So when I decided to blog, it had to fit that same criteria. My blog had to be about Jesus and it had to be something people could reach to. More importantly I had to understand the Essentialness of our Savior, and I had to live my life Essentially for Him. I had to realize- not understand, that there is a calling on my life. I play a part in spreading the Good News. Not everyone will understand my point of view the way God gives it to me. But I believe we are all seed planters. And it is my pleasure to plant mustard seeds in the name of Jesus wherever I go. So I pray that this blesses you, the way it blesses me. To encourage through the Word of God and submit to be Essentially His, By Purpose, For Purpose, On Purpose.

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